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the advantages of a leading group

high production capacity

Gaviota is an international company with an excellent capacity for innovation, based on its creativity and effective quality solutions for controlling sunlight naturally.
The Company uses cutting edge technology in the manufacture of plastic and aluminium moulding, powder coating and steel-sheet pressing and profiling.
The use of technology, together with our ambition and our drive for excellence, means optimum standards of quality are maintained throughout our totally integrated manufacturing process.
But Gaviota does not only strive to meet these demanding quality standards; the aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations across the globe.

wide range of products and services

Gaviota´s spirit extends to our broad range of products designed for all kinds of architectural requirements, offering a sophisticated and durable range of options.
The Company is setting the standard for quality and range of materials and is recognised for its ability to deliver.

development co-engineering

We trust to be the integral partner of the manufacturers and assemblers of awnings and shutters, involving ourselves in the growth of their businesses.
We put our whole value chain at the service of a project, providing a full service that ranges from co-creation to commercialization.
Joint innovation with our partners is part of the DNA of our relationship with professionals in the sector.

Maximum value

We maximize the advantages of our innovative philosophy, experience and knowledge of the business with a product portfolio where quality, reliability and durability acquire their maximum value at the optimum cost.

Gaviota has more than fifty years of experience and always offering solutions of maximum value. Beyond our products, we accompany and support our customers in their marketing processes through product training and sales support.

Integral desing

We take care of the design in every detail by monitoring global trends and developments, achieving quality solutions that control sunlight in a natural way.

Our systems are an example of this fact as they perfectly fit with cutting-edge features and aesthetics, and incorporate the greatest advances in terms of durability, quality and safety in the market.

The easy assembly and installation of our solutions optimize the time and processes for our customers.

Quality and reliability

Gaviota offers solutions of the highest quality and reliability, always placing emphasis on safety.

We apply the most demanding quality standards to our products and this is demonstrated in the finishing lines of our products, achieving a long-lasting and innovative offer that has made us a benchmark for both quality and materials typology.

Multiple advantages of our innovative philosophy, experience and knowledge of the sector. An offer where quality, reliability and durability acquire their maximum value.

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