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Creation of the company Forjas del Vinalopó with the Gaviota trademark.

Production of tools and accessories for rolling shutters.

Mr. Víctor Guillén Barceló, founder of the company


The entry into the EEC facilitates the company’s expansion.

Tubular motors are marketed.

In 1988 the current headquarters were inaugurated.


Consolidation of the international presence with a rapid expansion of the brand and company growth.

New impulse with the production of awning systems and withdrawal from manufacturing traditional tools.

Branches are opened in Barcelona and Madrid.


In 2001, the merger with the Italian company Simbac occurs thanks to the alliance with the Somfy group. Gaviota Simbac was born.
Manufacturing processes are modernised and international subsidiaries are opened.
The first specialised facility in Europe for painting rolling shutters and awnings is inaugurated close to the central facilities.
Rolling shutters and awnings are manufactured, and tubular motors are marketed.
The relationship with the Aspar Team is strengthened in the Moto GP and MOTO 3 categories, becoming one of its most important sponsors.


International expansion is consolidated: we become a leading company in the design, manufacture and distribution of sun protection solutions.

Participation in the main international fairs.

Expansion of the range of products with the marketing of new sun protection structures, screens and glass curtains.


International expansion with a new subsidiary in Peru.

Brand consolidation in markets such as Italy.

Wide range of products.

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GAVIOTA Gaviota is a global leading company in the industry of smart awning and rolling shutter systems and accessories. Our sun protection systems are based on innovative, safe, cost-effective and sustainable solutions, developed by a qualified team of... over 300 people who are united by effort, research, and commitment to the customer, as well as by the latest technological advances.
We are driven by sustainability and environmental commitment because we know that Sun Protection means energy saving, compliance with the Kyoto Protocol and greater quality of life. This commitment is reinforced with other basic behaviours that our organisation makes its own: sense of anticipation, in order to foresee and create future trends; talent and creativity, promoted and retained in the team; respect to timeliness and customer needs, and the continuous search for alliances with other companies to develop and enrich both local and global markets.
Gaviota’s philosophy differentiates us, as do our figures: a production workshop with more than 1,000 moulds and dies currently running on the machines, 10 million meters of tube and 70 million metallic parts per year stamped and finished, 20 injection machines producing 200,000 pieces per day, 7 robotic production units of aluminium casting that produce over 400,000 pieces per month, and one of the largest lacquering facilities in Europe that paints more than 30,000 pieces per day and can undertake profiles up to 7 meters long.
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